A Brief Introduction

Welcome to Why We Do What We Do: A Guide to Landmark Studies in Medicine, a blog designed to showcase and discuss historically significant research studies that altered the landscape of medicine. Our goal is to create an arena, a virtual journal club of sorts, where medical students, MDs, healthcare professionals and even the casual reader can get a glimpse into the history behind the defining moments of medicine.

This is in no way a chronological compendium of clinical medicine; the posts are in no specific order, much like the clinical vignettes you may find published in medical journals. This is a means to pique your interest in the history behind our clinical algorithms and standard practices. In turn, I hope you gain a new appreciation for the MD-cum-novelist such as Siddhartha Mukherjee, Abraham Verghese or Allan Hamilton who have written at length on some of these same topics. Ultimately, we strive to familiarize you with the primary source for select, critical moments in medicine – those so blandly described in medical textbooks through which many of us have suffered. In our short clinical experience, curiosity got the best of us. Didn’t you ever wonder why we do what we do?


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